• JIAKO PRECISION Co., Ltd. was established in Changhua City in 1979 and has over the years upheld the philosophy of “Solid professionalism; Technical innovation; Customization; Pursuit of ultimateness” on all aspects from conventional fabricating techniques to contemporary issues such as innovative thinking and going green.

    The demand for metal parts will not decrease in the world, but only asking for more and more precision and edge. With customized service in vertically integrated mode, we devote ourselves to satisfying customer needs. Also, by incessant quality improvement and technical innovation, we actively provide complete technical support to become a supplier of professional, quality products that the industry relies upon heavily.

    At JIAKO PRECISION/MEI JOU Co., Ltd. we expect ourselves to keep ascending by demanding ourselves to constantly upgrade in quality and technique and to move forward with keen observation and cutting-edge momentum to make the Company a dedicated provider that creates high added value.

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    Reassurance Customers can feel assured to commit products to us

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    Competition Constant innovation enhances our competitiveness

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    On time Rigorous quality control with on-time deliveries

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    Quality Product quality and precision enhanced

JIAKO is specialized in “parts manufacturing” and “integrated services” in the realm of product based on CNC lathes, where we offer accurate and customized services by implementing the most effective integration according to customer’s orders and produce high-quality products for them. Through drawing study > lathe fabrication > surface treatment, we maintain continuous operation mode, where we keep updated on every step of the process and are able to deliver as scheduled to achieve sound operations as a whole and efficiently.